Making Your Point: A Workbook For Effective Public Speaking 4th

The goal of this workbook is to aid instructors in enhancing student understanding of oral communication. The material in this workbook may be modified or adapted to any oral communication course and the information is designed to serve both instructors and students. This book is also designed for the self taught orator. Organization This 4th edition workbook expands earlier chapters, adds additional chapters that are vital for effective speaking and incorporates media rich learning activities for today’s tech savvy students. It is organized into eight chapters, each with specific activities that teach participants to vault over the hurdles in public speaking – particularly the first speeches. It begins by setting up the foundations and general information for speech preparation. Chapter 2 gives the participant a step-by-step overview of the speech making process from topic selection to actual delivery. Chapter 3 offers activities designed to help the participant become an effective and discriminating listener with honed critical analysis skills. Chapter 4 lays the ground work for the basis of all effective speeches – quality supporting evidence.This chapter, along with chapters 5, 6, and 7 are designed to facilitate instruction in four major speech assignments – the Supporting Evidence Outline and Speech, the Informative Outline and Speech, the Persuasive Outline and Speech and the Group Discussion. Chapter 8 is a new chapter added in this edition that deals specifically with handling the question and answer session that typically follows any presentation. As is customary with this book, it ends with three appendices filled with more sample “A” outlines and accompanying visual aids. This workbook can accompany any public speaking text book.
Making Your Point: A Workbook For Effective Public Speaking 4th
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